Movie: Lao Zi Tao Te Ching World Science Festival

     Banahaw!             Photo! by Lilian Alquiros

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Alan Watts: What is Tao? + What is Tao Te Ching?
(MASTER) Eckart(!): Do+D ~Godhead+God 30'


Opening Dao... & Martial Arts  + Laozi + Dao De Jing
道 德 經 Do  D  Jīng... + Introduction of Dao De Jing


Something from NOTHING?   + What Caused Big Bang?
Nothing: The Science of Emptiness + Invisible Reality


Birth of the Universe + Origins of the Universe + TIME
Why is There Something  + Laozi & Quantum Physics


To Infinity & Beyond Infinity: The Science of Endless
The Search for Life in the Universe + The Tao of Physics


Universe the Ultimate Computer + Shoulders Of Giants
Gravitational Waves + Journey through Parallel Universes


 Black Holes & Holographic Worlds  + The Tao of Pooh
Dark Side Of The Universe + Multiverse: One or Many?


Reality: Weird Quantum World + Next Quantum Leap
Quantum&Consciousness + TimeTravel Grandpa Paradox


Alan Watts: Tao of Philosophy + Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching
Alan Watts: Lecture about Taoism  + The Taoist Way


A Matter of Time + The Evolution of Time
Time the Essence? + Time: Familiar Stranger


Why is Time a One-Way Street? Illusion of Certainty
Listening to the Beginning of Time + Appetite for Wonder


Mysteries: Mathematical Universe + Confucius + Lao Tzu
Predicting the World with Math + Time Since Einstein


Wizards of Odds + The Limits Of Science
Mind & Machine: Future Thinking +


Limits of Understanding  + The Hidden Nature of Nature
Explain the World  + Unbearable Lightness of Memory


3 Stages of Consciousness  + Neuroscience Consciousness
Consciousness: Explained  + Science, Religion, Big Bang


Is Free Will an Illusion? + What is consciousness?
Conundrum Consciousness  How Our Brains Twist Time


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